Birth trauma

Birth trauma

80% of newborns suffer from birth traumas. It is not easy to diagnose a birth trauma, but its negative impact on the future development of the child is enormous. The consequences of birth trauma are felt for the rest of life. For example, injuries of the skull and spine can lead to delayed speech development, disorders of the respiratory system, and even to frequent ENT-diseases. Symptoms of birth injury include:

  • Restless or, conversely, listless behavior, sleep disturbance.
  • Frequent regurgitation (except for other reasons).
  • Cramps
  • Strabismus, asymmetry of the head, neck, and hip joints.

The causes that provoke birth trauma include peculiarities of fetal development and position of the fetus, infectious diseases, obstructed labor, narrow pelvis of mothers, unskilled actions of medical staff during childbirth. Compared to other techniques of treating birth injury osteopathy has obvious advantages:

  • Mild and painless treatment, perfectly l tolerated by infants, mostly without tears and screaming.
  • The body recovers naturally because the osteopath activates natural regeneration processes and all the organs and systems of the body, regain balance.

Osteopathy offers effective techniques that are able to mitigate and even eliminate birth injuries and their consequences. Sometimes just one or two osteopathic sessions cure the pathology.

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