Visceral osteopathy

Visceral osteopathy

Visceral osteopathy involves a set of therapeutic techniques that correct violation of the functioning of internal organs. Each organ performs a certain movement, dependent or independent of respiration. Disturbances of their natural rhythm lead to functional failures, to occurrence of pain and to development of disease. Movement of organs is structured relative to each other. So failures in one of them inevitably affect the whole system. Before starting treatment, osteopath determines the position of organs and their level of mobility and evaluates the condition of muscle tissue and ligaments. On the basis of the obtained data he diagnoses. The treatment aims at restoring the normal position of organs and bones, strengthening ligaments, improving circulation of lymph, blood and other fluids. As a result of therapeutic effects of the treatment, the body triggers the function of self-healing and development of pathologies stops.

 Visceral osteopathy is effective for the following diseases:

  • colitis;
  • ptosis;
  • adhesions;
  • dysfunction of the genitourinary system;
  • gynecological diseases;
  • gastrointestinal problems;
  • disorders in liver and kidneys;
  • insomnia;
  • chronic headaches;
  • varicose veins etc.

The advantage of visceral osteopathy is its complex effect on the body. When working with the internal organs the specialist makes an impact on the spine and bones. Therefore, as a result of treatment the patients get rid of back pain, of spine and often of joints pain.

Visceral osteopathy is effective in the recovery of the body after injury. The techniques are able to correct the displacement of organs, spine and ligaments. Visceral osteopathy treats not only certain diseases, but has a beneficial effect on the organism as a whole. It can help to solve the physiological problems of general nature – to improve the work of joints and bones, nervous system and blood vessels. Visceral osteopathy helps to eliminate many chronic diseases of the abdominal and thoracic cavity. Osteopathic techniques are gentle and easily tolerated by patients of any age.

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