Spinal injury

Spinal injury 

Spinal injury in most cases is due to damage. This might be a micro trauma that people often do not even notice (abrupt turns, awkwardly lifted heavy bag, sitting in one position for a long time).

Osteopathic approach cannot ignore them, as they can lead to dangerous consequences. Any spinal injury, both serious and those that at first do not cause any discomfort, ultimately affects health status. After bumps and other injuries of the soft tissue bones and cartilage get deformed, some of them can not return to its original position. In the end this creates an area of tension, which leads to pathological changes, first in the surrounding tissues, and subsequently throughout the body. Up to a certain point the internal resources of the body compensate the negative effects, but gradually the traumas accumulate and lead to various diseases.

For injuries of the spine osteopathy plays the role of rehabilitation therapy. Osteopath finds all the areas of tension, spasms and seal and eliminates them. As a result  the body becomes more balanced and the recovery processes start.
Immediately after injury, osteopathy helps the body to quickly restore its functions, eliminates swelling and pain.
The osteopath identifies and treats old injuries that did not manifest themselves for a long time.

Due to this, the body gets rid of excessive tension, the patient feels light and young. Therefore, osteopathic treatment prevents possible health disorders and restores mobility of the spine.

Highly qualified osteopaths of our center will help to cope with the pain caused by spinal injury and its consequences.


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