Osteopathy in pregnancy

Osteopathy for pregnant women

Osteopathy helps to solve many health problems that arise during pregnancy. First and foremost, it successfully copes with back pain. The increase in the volume of the belly causes shifting of the center of gravity and increased curve in the lumbar spine. This leads to chronic fatigue and pain. Progesterone, secreted during pregnancy, provokes softening of muscle tissue, of bones and ligaments, which can lead to the displacement of the sacrum, coccyx, and hip bones and their fixation in the wrong position. This may cause birth traumas of mother and child.

The role of osteopathic treatment of pregnant women is very important, as the osteopath performs correction of the displacements to return the joints and bones to normal position. This reduces the load on the spine and normalizes blood circulation. Due to this, the risk of perinatal complications is significantly reduced.

The osteopath relieves tension of the diaphragm, which normalizes the function of internal organs. Osteopathy for pregnant women allows to eliminate the negative impact of injuries, sustained by a woman in childhood and adulthood. It helps to avoid headaches, hypertonus of uterus and gallbladder dysfunction. In the treatment of women during pregnancy osteopath recommends exercises to help women in labor and an effective method of postpartum recovery.

Osteopathy during pregnancy is effective for the following problems:

  • pain in lower back and sacrum;
  • shortness of breath;
  • swelling;
  • disorders in the digestive system;
  • constipation;
  • headaches.

Osteopathic treatment is recommended for pregnant women in every trimester starting from week 12. In the last month of pregnancy osteopath will help to prepare for childbirth. The ideal option is the first examination and treatment during the period of pregnancy planning.

The benefits of osteopathy during pregnancy:

  • highly efficient techniques
  • painless treatment
  • no medicines.

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