Joints pain

Pain in the joints 

One of the problems effectively solved by osteopathy is pain in the joints. The primary task of the doctor is to determine the causes that led to this symptom. As a rule, pain in the joints is associated with the following pathological processes:

  • Injuries and their consequences.
  • Inflammation as a result of infectious diseases.
  • Violation of metabolism in the diseased joint.
  • The disruption of blood flow.
  • Degenerative process (aging).
  • Osteoporosis.

Classic medicine in these cases provides medication, physiotherapy and exercise therapy, aimed at the joint area, which is the symptom, but not at the source of the disease, and so does not eliminate the cause

Osteopathic treatment involves finding the source of the disease, then removes the original causes of disease and releases the resources of the body that begin to work for the recovery. For example, the cause of pain in the knee joint and other joints of the feet may be improper distribution of the load due to posture. Pain in the hip joint can arise due to excessive weight of the patient. Pain in the elbow, shoulder and other joints of the hands often occurs because of limited mobility and fixation of vertebrae of the cervical and upper thoracic spine. Sometimes the reasons are deeper. The task of the osteopath is to identify and remove them. If the main cause is eliminated, the symptoms, such as pain, also disappear. The results of osteopathic treatment are:

  • Restoration of joint mobility
  • Relief of pain and inflammation
  • Restoration of blood flow and innervation.
  • Restoration of the shape of the joint and the surrounding tissue.
  • Increase of the regenerative ability of the body

Osteopaths of our Center will choose an effective and safe method of treatment of the joints, which helps to restore health and relieve pain in the shortest time.


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