Osteopathy for babies

Osteopathy for babies

Despite the fact that pregnancy and childbirth are physiological processes, they do not always proceed perfectly. During the stay in the womb the fetus is exposed to different mechanical loads that may subsequently disturb the natural rhythm of labor, with the result that many newborns have birth injuries.
Osteopathy for newborns, allows to identify and repair any damage in the first days of infant’s life, and to avoid future problems such as:

  • Difficulty in sucking.
  • Intestinal colic.
  • Hyperactivity
  • Disorders of speech development.

Compression of skull, the micro displacements of bones and joints, observed in the majority of newborns, can lead to various diseases. The later the correction is carried out, the more time and effort it requires. Osteopath is able to eliminate most of the problems in the first three days of infant’s life. It can take a few minutes.

Correction of these problems for a three-year-old will require several osteopathic sessions and many months of regular visits to osteopath. That’s why osteopathy for newborns and early treatment, even if no visible problems exist, is a priority for responsible parents. In the first month of life of a newborn osteopath can fix all the functional disorders in a relatively short time.

Canadian Osteopathic Centre offers an appointment with osteopaths, specializing in the treatment of newborns. In our center there are specialists with great experience in working with newborns and infants.

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