Cervical spine

The Cervical spine

Discomfort and pain in the neck are the most common health problems. They cause muscle tension and low back pain. Delayed treatment can lead to chronic migraine, noise in the ears, dizziness and other complications. The displacement of the cervical vertebrae often causes pinched nerves, infringes upon and clamps the blood vessels carrying blood to tissues, including the brain. In osteochondrosis the spine adjusts to the wrong position of the neck. This leads to deformation of the other areas of the spine and the sacrum. As a consequence, the loads on some areas significantly increase, which causes damage to the disks. Osteopathy solves these problems. In addition to pain syndrome osteopathy techniques of treatment of cervical spine are indicated for:

  • dizziness
  • noise in the ears
  • migraine
  • injuries of the cervical spine

In the treatment of the cervical spine osteopathy uses gentle techniques without medication. In some cases it is the only way to help the patient, for example, in treatment of functional disorders of the cervical spine of nursing mothers. They can not take medication in this period, as it is dangerous for babies, and osteopathy becomes the only solution.

Medication often gives short-term results. After the end of medication course the pain may be resumed.

Treatment of the cervical spine does not require traumatic and painful techniques Gentle hands of the osteopath are applied to certain areas. Sessions are comfortable. Patients of any age tolerate them comfortably and they are applicable for infants.

Osteopathy allows to eliminate the troubles caused by the problems of the cervical spine. Following the recommendations of the doctor the patient completely recovers from his illness.

It should be noted that during acute phases of certain diseases osteopathy is used in conjunction with drugs. This allows to relieve severe pain and to stop the development of many diseases.

Osteopaths of our Center will choose an effective and safe method of treatment of the cervical spine, which will restore health in short time.

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