Honorary President

Honorary President of the Canadian Osteopathic Center
                          Philippe Druelle, D.O.
Philippe Druelle, D.O. -  founded the Canadian College of Osteopathy (Collège d'Études Ostéopathiques) in Montreal in 1981; the German College of Osteopathy (Deutsches Osteopathie Kolleg) in Germany in 1990; the Canadian College of Osteopathy in Toronto in 1991; the College of Osteopathic Studies (Collège d'Études Ostéopathiques) in Quebec City in 1996; the Canadian College of Osteopathy in Vancouver in 2001; and the Canadian College of Osteopathy in Halifax and the Swiss International College of Osteopathy in Lucerne at Hertenstein, Switzerland in 2002.

Mr. Druelle also founded the Canadian Foundation for Education and Research in Osteopathy ( Fondation Canadienne pour l'Enseignement et la Recherche en Ostéopathie , FCERO) in 1982. He presided over this organization from 1982-2000. The foundation supports the treatment of physically challenged children in Montreal, Toronto and Quebec City. He became President of Honour of the FCERO in 2003. He has acted as the co-president of the International Association for Research in Osteopathy since April 2003.

He has developed programs for 32 different International Symposiums on Osteopathy. He has been a guest speaker at many institutions and in numerous countries (France, Germany, Belgium, United States, England, Russia, Argentina, Austria, Holland and Japan). He has been a member of the French Registry of Osteopaths ( R é gistre des Ostéopathes de France ) since 1984, of the Osteopathic Association of Graduates in Quebec, and of the German Osteopathic Registry ( R é gistre des Ostéopathes Allemands ). In the same year he founded the Quebec Registry of Osteopaths (R egistre Ostéopathiques du Québec) and the German Osteopathic Registry. He was also affiliated from 1992 to 2000 with the American Academy of Osteopathy where he was invited, on two occasions, to serve on the American Association of Osteopathy Forum in Atlanta and St. Louis.

In 2001 Mr. Druelle became director and project advisor for the development and implementation of a full time program leading to a Diploma BSc (Hons) in Osteopathy, at the University of Wales. He is also a member of the World Osteopathic Health Organization.

He has written 24 pedagogical manuals for students and is the founder and director of Spiral Editions ( Éditions Spirales ). This publishing company is devoted to translating important traditional books of Osteopathy including Osteopathy in the Cranial Field , as well as titles specializing in current Osteopathic research.

His interest in research and tradition has led him to investigate and develop numerous initiatives for the osteopathic community, such as: the treatment of the encephalon and the systemic activity of the brain; the treatment of endocranial spasms; the central chain concept; a general clinical methodology regarding assessment and treatment in Osteopathy; the third ventricle and the lateral ventricles techniques; approaches to address the various articulations between the organs and viscera; and numerous techniques applied to the occiput/atlas/axis junction, the sacrum, and the lymphatic system; and to the crossed lateral chains.

Mr. Druelle's pedagogical work since 1981 has allowed him to teach numerous students in North America and Europe. His commitment to the field leads him to place emphasis on the importance of palpation skill, the dynamic concept of living matter, and the importance of acquiring appropriate fulcrums for different levels of osteopathic practice . Philippe Druelle is one of the world's leading practitioners and teachers of osteopathy.