Invitation to joing


to join the Canadian Osteopathic Center

Dear Osteopath,

If you hold D.O. diploma issued by CEO, CCO, SICO, DOK, we invite you to join the Canadian Osteopathic Center.
Only osteopaths who hold valid diplomas issued by one of the colleges established by Philippe Druelle, D.O. (CEO, CCO, SICO, DOK) may join the Center.  

This is the reason why the Center is called Canadian Osteopathic Center and not the Osteopathic Association, this is osteopathic medical center uniting osteopaths holding CEO, CCO, SICO, DOK diplomas worldwide.

Canadian Osteopathic Center is an international organization. Besides uniting osteopaths – graduates of CEO, CCO, SICO, DOK, its will provide osteopathic treatment to all patients, enable easy and quick search for a certified osteopath worldwide, as well as promote osteopathy, education standards and osteopathic medical practice. The idea of the Canadian Osteopathic Center was discussed personally with Mr. Philippe Druelle, D.O., and was approved by him.

Operation Mechanism

Anyone interested in osteopathic treatment can visit the Center website which, where he can view osteopathic information, get familiar with osteopaths worldwide, and verify the authenticity and validity of their diplomas. Each our specialist will have his personal webpage with all relevant information. It is mandatory to specify the college from which the osteopath graduated, publish his photo and diploma, registration number and other relevant information concerning his osteopathic practice (articles, reports, photo of his clinic, etc.).

The members of our center live and work in different countries. This enables patients seeking osteopathic treatment, find a certified osteopath in the vicinity of their residence and, if necessary, to choose a specialist for their friends or relatives living abroad. For convenience the search will be according to geographic location (countries and cities). Each osteopath’s personal page will specify his country, city, address of his clinic, phone number and email address.

All osteopaths will be independent members of the Center and will work independently. This will facilitate the patient registration process and the subsequent treatment by the chosen osteopath. The patient will not need to contact the Center.

To make an appointment, a patient will log into the Center's website, then to osteopath’s personal webpage, where he will be able to call him directly or to schedule an appointment.

Operation and Advantages

The uniqueness of the Center is that each osteopath will work independently, regardless of his territorial location. This means that:

  • No financial statements or payments to the Center, all revenues and costs will be managed by osteopath himself.
  • Independent registration and treatment of patients
  • Each osteopath will manage his clinic to his discretion and financial abilities.
  • Those who already have private clinics or centers can continue using them, i.e. accept patients in the same room and at the same hours, thus working for different centers and enjoying additional advertisement around the world.

In this case:

  • You do not need to register yourself with the tax authorities if you already operate an osteopathic clinic.
  • You do not have to issue receipts to the Canadian osteopathic center, but rather continue issuing receipts to your current clinic, including financial statements to the Internal Revenue Service.
  • Such independent financial relationships between the osteopaths and the Center give the opportunity to unite all osteopaths with CEO, CCO, SICO, DOK diplomas into one osteopathic medical center, regardless of the financial aspects and laws of their native countries. 
The Center does not plan to be a commercial organization. However, on the later stage we will change an annual fee only for the use of the personal webpage. This fee will be used to support the Center’s website, its promotion and advertising, including other necessary costs. For osteopaths it will mean inexpensive, rather convenient and efficient way of work and advertisement.
In the future, the Centre plans to become a partnership organization as a «Fellowship» and in addition to participate in charity.

For newly joined osteopaths the first year will be free of charge.

Joining procedure

The first step - go to the page "Joining osteopaths", which is located at the bottom of the home page.
The second step - to fill in all the fields of your contact information and send it, when you send, the screen will open an additional window with information about the terms of the agreement "Terms of Service" and use of the site "Terms and Conditions".
The third step - you need to carefully read the information, and if you agree, accept it and send.
The fourth step - Your information about the entry is received by the Center, after which you will be invited to send by e-mail the following documents to the Center:  a brief curriculum vitae, address the reception of patients, e-mail address, phone number, photo - Diploma of Osteopathy, D.O., your profile photo, a few photos of your clinic (optional). Authenticity of your diploma will be tested through college, where he was issued a diploma. After that, all the information will be displayed on your personal webpage at the Center's website.

We will be happy if you decide to join us. Together, we can support and promote osteopathy worldwide, with a view to restoring human health.
We want to be closer to those who need us, so the slogan of our Center is, 
Always with you around the world - Canadian Osteopathic Center

Respectfully yours,

Dmitri Fuks, D.O.                                                                           
Manager of Canadian Osteopathic Center