Symposium in Montreal

Welcome to the 35th International Symposium on Traditional Osteopathy in Montreal

Organized by the Collège d’Études Ostéopathiques de Montréal 

The theme for this year, during which we foresee obtaining our profession, is inspired by a beautiful phrase said by Dr. Viola Frymann D.O., FAAO, which reflects the heart of our vocation:
“Becoming an Osteopath is much more than assimilating knowledge or perfecting specific techniques that will best adapt to the patient and everything hidden within him. It consists of becoming proficient at responding to the deepest needs of the patient.”

We thought that this would be an excellent theme for our 2018 Symposium, the year in which we will practice our new profession. This phrase defines our specificity within a multidisciplinary healthcare team. Our profession is unique. As osteopaths, we have know-how, evaluation methods, and specific treatments as well as a true passion for research.